NetFlowCoin is the Future of the Metaverse

3 min readMar 29, 2022

The Metaverse has gained massive momentum over the last couple of years, showing virtually no signs of slowing down. It’s everywhere, from Twitter to Time Magazine, there’s no doubt that the Metaverse is the talk of the town (or the blockchain). But, just what on Earth is it?

Today we will go on an adventure deep down the rabbit hole to establish a proper definition of the Metaverse, understand the infrastructure required to support it, and discuss the best tech in Web 3 to build it (hint: there’s a certain L1 that fits the ticket…can you guess which one?). So please sit back, grab a coffee (or two) and let’s hop right in.

Understanding the Metaverse

The term “Metaverse” has quickly found its way from the smallest corners of Web 3 to the mainstream. Literally speaking, “Meta” as a prefix can be understood as “transcending” or “beyond”, while “verse” functions as a suffix of “universe” — the all-encompassing ether. Smash these bad boys together and you get Metaverse: a universe transcending our own…? Well not quite, but we’re getting there.

In the realm of Web 3.0, the Metaverse is literally a collective of numerous virtual blockchain-based “worlds” all offering a specific experience. From play-to-earn games to virtual real estate, the Metaverse makes possible a variety of immersive experiences on which thriving communities, sustainable token economies, and nearly infinite layers of blockchain development can blossom.

Building the Metaverse

While the Metaverse continues to demonstrate its potential as an essential component of Web 3.0 and is proving that it can very much so be realized in a decentralized architecture, some limitations must be solved before it can fully take off in the form of widespread adoption. With the largest being scalability and efficiency of storage/hosting nodes, optimized throughput, and fully functioning DApps.

The Metaverse needs to be a frictionless experience for both crypto and non-crypto natives. But it’s difficult to achieve this unanimously, especially considering the vast amount of projects built on different chains with varying degrees of tech strength. Everyone is rushing to claim a slice of the Metaverse pie, but often at the expense of quality, a non-negotiable prerequisite to widespread adoption.

So what’s the solution? A Layer-1 chain that can both seamlessly support the Metaverse and set the standard for the rest of the space.

NetFlowCoin and the Metaverse

As a decentralized P2P communications network, NetFlowCoin enables users to stream, share, and access any type of content within the network free of 3rd party intervention. This allows for truly decentralized Metaverse environments to be seamlessly split and hosted across hundreds of nodes within the network. NetFlowCoin’s network could not only support all functionality of the Metaverse but could do it at the highest level of performance.

On top of this, NetFlowCoin’s network can host dAPPS, websites, and virtually any type of digital content with limitless potential. NetFlowCoin’s unique tech stack, which combines SDVN with a dual consensus-driven blockchain, boasts iron-clad security, uncapped open source development possibilities, and high throughput/low fees making it the perfect foundation to build on.

To achieve the widespread adoption that we dream of, the Metaverse needs a backbone, on which it can provide a frictionless, high-quality experience while remaining open, decentralized, and accessible to all. NetFlowCoin is here and ready to build the future.




NetFlowCoin is a web 3.0 network that enables decentralized communication, storing, and sharing.