NetFlowCoin in the metaversal world

3 min readJul 8, 2022

One of the most influential industries that will emerge over the next few decades will be the metaverse. There is no question that this is where the world is heading and with it, a whole new way of interacting with others from anywhere in the world.

The concept of a metaverse is truly remarkable, and there are numerous companies working on bringing it to life. However, the metaverse can be both centralized and decentralized, and so, throughout this article, we will be referring to the decentralized metaverse.

For understanding, the metaverse will be a digital ‘universe’ that enables users to enter it without limitations on location. The metaverse can only be described as something from a science fiction film, whereby many industries and services will be worked upon via the metaversal world.

We are currently in the very early stages of seeing mass adoption for a metaversal world, although there is a lot of development that needs to be done. The main focal points would be the infrastructure and usability; this is how NetFlowCoin can support.

A world without boundaries

If we imagine a world, where we can attend meetings, give speeches, and work directly with a team from anywhere in the world, without the physical limitations of being present; this is precisely one of the key features the metaverse can bring us. It will completely remove the boundaries that have made remote working almost impossible.

However, the metaverse, like the current web 2.0 internet, needs physical infrastructure such as internet connectivity and servers to host and process this digital world, and all the information flowing through the metaverse needs to be connected via a communications protocol.

NetFlowCoin’s network is the perfect solution to accommodate a decentralized/distributed metaversal world. One that wouldn’t be confined by the internet restrictions placed above it, enabling anyone from anywhere in the world to simply connect and communicate.

The NetFlowCoin network is primarily a storage and data enabler that can connect any device across the planet into a peer-to-peer network, removing any intermediaries from accessing or blocking the flow of information.

Applying this theory beyond the working limitations and applying it to a whole spectrum of industries, the sheer potential of a network like this is limitless. For example, decentralized gaming companies can deploy an ever-growing land that enables users to constantly explore or a social interaction portal that allows people to communicate freely with complete privacy.

How will the NetFlowCoin network support the metaverse?

Like everything in the digital world, we communicate using data, the most attractive prospect of a decentralized/distributed metaverse will be privacy and ownership. By using the NetFlowCoin network, users will have both along with the added functionality that users can earn rewards through the process.

If a user hosts a part of this decentralized/distributed metaversal world on an NFC-ready mining device, they will become community supporters, by which, they can earn NetFlowCoins over time. In essence, the more data users generate over the NetFlowCoin network the more they will earn.

The system creates a win-win ecosystem for everyone, allowing them to control the next generation of the internet. The metaverse will be a technological advancement that will affect generations to come, and it will be powered by NetFlowCoin.




NetFlowCoin is a web 3.0 network that enables decentralized communication, storing, and sharing.