Announcing our newest partner Metaspacescan

We are happy to announce our newest partner Metaspacescan. Welcome to the NetFlowCoin network!

What is metaspacescan? is a blockchain explorer and data service platform. It provides various types of mining data, blockchain data queries, visualization charts, etc. wants to become the portal to the crypto world, like an explorer that can support multiple blockchains, e.g. bitcoin, netflowcoin, ultronglow, tron, Ethereum, etc… is the first official third-part blockchain explore to support the NetFlowCoin project.

What can be done on metaspacescan?

The Netflowcoin’s functions e.g. pledge, manage account, will all be supported by metaspacescan.

If you want to view blockchain data e.g. block height, transactions, rewards, miners, or anything about the NFC chain, you can get it from

For users, you can check the FUL balance in the explore, and you can view the blockchain data.

For miners, you can pledge PoS/PoF, manage your mining account (address), check your NFC balance, and mining rewards. Also, you can pay for a punishment score.

For traders, you can check your transactions across the network, you’ll also be able to change your balance, etc.

Why have we switched the explore from to

The mainnet launch is just beginning, we have a lot of work to do. We need to focus on developing, running, maintaining, and other technical work related to the blockchain. Also, we need to connect with our communities, markets, and developers.

So, we found the team to build a new explorer for our mainnet, to meet the needs of different users.

Our official explorer will be shut down after phase 2 of our mainnet has launched (mid-January). From then on please visit for anything you want.




NetFlowCoin, a limitless marketplace, protocol, and token economy for decentralized private networks.

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NetFlowCoin, a limitless marketplace, protocol, and token economy for decentralized private networks.

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