We are happy to announce our newest partner Metaspacescan. Welcome to the NetFlowCoin network!

What is metaspacescan?

Metaspacescan.io is a blockchain explorer and data service platform. It provides various types of mining data, blockchain data queries, visualization charts, etc.

Metaspacescan.io wants to become the portal to the crypto world, like an explorer that…

Welcome to NetFlowCoin, creating a distributed value network for human society.

In the past, we are honored to receive your support and affection.

Netflowcoin is committed to working with the community to find more and newer decentralized market opportunities.

Now, in order to enrich the NetFlowCoin community, we are launching…

To bridge the on-chain and off-chain worlds more effectively, NetFlowCoin has a unique consensus mechanism and economic model that allows all participants to be consistently rewarded for their efforts, meanwhile, rewards nodes for maintaining the network and serving users relative to their static and dynamic work.

Currently, the vast majority…

1. Why do we need to pledge

As a on-chain project based on real business, NetFlowCoin introduces a pledge mechanism to protect the sustainable development of the network and the interests of users, and regulate node behavior to prevent slash. Why do we need a pledge mechanism?

1.1 Traditional incentive methods cannot meet the needs of NetFlowCoin

1 Dual token model

NetFlowCoin uses a dual token model: FUL and NFC.

1.1 What is FUL

As a network base fee of SDN / SDVN, the price of FUL anchors dollars. Its value is linked to the flow generated by data services, and the flow transformation of real service digitization is completed through…


NetFlowCoin, a limitless marketplace, protocol, and token economy for decentralized private networks.

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